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Fox is a television channel owned by the American Fox Networks Group that you can hire with different pay TV offers and its content focuses mainly on international series.

If you want to watch Fox TV you can do so by contracting an Internet + TV tariff from any of the telecommunications operators or you can even do it directly online. We tell you all the options.

Movistar Fusión offers include home Internet, landline, two or more mobile lines and different Movistar+ channels and packages depending on the chosen offer. As for Internet connection, you will be able to choose the speed that best suits your use:

PROMOTION FUSION TOTAL PLUS X4: FIBER + MOBILE + TVSPEED300 MbFIBER3 MOBILE LINES1st and 2nd GB and unlimited min0cents/200MbPRICE85€for 3 months91 048 01 54 91 048 01 54 More informationPERMANENCE: No permanenceLINE FEE: IncludedAfter PROMOTION: 190€/month See more details*Includes a free device.

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The channel broadcasts on most of the pay platforms, including the most important ones such as Movistar+, Vodafone TV and Orange TV, as well as cable operators such as the Basque Euskaltel,[2] where the Fox +2 version is also available, a version of the channel that broadcasts the same programming but 2 hours later.

On December 4, 2012, Movistar warned viewers that the Fox channel would leave its dial on January 1, 2013.[5] Finally, on December 31, 2012, the operator announced that it had reached an agreement, so the channel maintains its broadcasts on Movistar.

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To learn more about Vodafone TV, we have compiled and ordered all the relevant information, to make it easier for those interested to find their best option, as we did with Movistar and Orange.

You can see all the programming of Vodafone TV linear channels here. The complete list of Vodafone TV channels, available for mobile-only customers, yuser tariffs and fiber and mobile One bundles, is summarized in the following illustrative image:

Vodafone also has a more complete package of channels, which is included in the Hogar ilimitable family tariffs, and which mainly groups together the contents of Serielovers + Documentaries + Infantiles + Movistar Estrenos. In this case, the complete configuration of channels included is as follows:

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The most cinephiles will find an endless number of movies from TCM and SOMOS, independent films from FILMIN and Hollywood premieres from Movistar Estrenos, Filmin, AMC Selekt, TMC HD, Canal Hollywood, Somos, Dark and Sundance TV HD.

For lovers of history documentaries, nature… Available on National Geographic and History, Discovery Channel, Odyssey, Travel, AMC Selekt, Canal Cocina, Decasa, Crime + Investigation, Blaze, Festival 4K, Insight TV, My Zen TV, Slow and Fun Box.

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