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In the nineties, IECISA grows in the market, becoming part of the top five companies in the turnover ranking in 1996.[7] This growth was also due to the merger in 1994 with another company close to El Corte Inglés Group, Investrónica.[8] On April 27, 2020, Grupo Gfi announces the definitive acquisition of IECISA.[9] On October 1, 2020, Grupo Gfi changes its name and becomes Inetum,[10] a reference in the market.

On April 27, 2020 Grupo Gfi announces the definitive acquisition of IECISA.[23] On October 1, 2020, Grupo Gfi changes its name to Inetum,[24] a reference to the Latin word incrementum meaning growth.[25]

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Although computing is gradually making the different types of computers that we can use more and more, it seems clear that the two kings today are desktop computers and laptops. Then we could also talk about mobile devices, such as PDAs, mobiles or MIDs, although the use of the ‘other’ types of computers mentioned above is undoubtedly much more widespread. When we think of a computer, we always think of a desktop or a laptop.

A desktop computer is a computer system that maintains the same structure in the composition of its components: a tower (which some mistakenly call CPU), a screen and peripherals (such as speakers, keyboard and mouse, among others). It is always this same structure, three different components that are necessary for each other to function. In the case of peripherals there may be more or less, but we always find at least keyboard and mouse.

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Los nombres más exclusivos, las primeras marcas internacionales y productos para todos los gustos y necesidades: moda y complementos, tecnología, alimentación, ocio, salud y belleza, juguetes, deportes, mascotas, actividades al aire libre, etc.  La visita a los grandes almacenes y galerías comerciales de nuestra ciudad es obligada y no podrá resistirse a la amplia gama de productos. ¡Lo difícil es no encontrar lo que buscas!

“Informática y Electrónica de El Corte Inglés” está dedicada al mundo de la Comunicación Audiovisual. Allí encontrarás las mejores marcas de TV, DVD y Blu-Ray, Audio y Home Cinema, Sonido para llevar, cámaras de vídeo y fotos, telefonía, iPad y tablets, eBooks, electrónica para tu coche, instrumentos musicales y un sinfín de accesorios electrónicos.

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The ‘Limit Offers’ at El Corte Inglés offer up to 20% off TVs, mobiles, laptops, monitors and smartwatches; plus 15% off headphones and smart speakers. Below, we compile the best bargains on electronics at El Corte Inglés.

Among the offers available at El Corte Inglés you can find a €600 discount on a 75-inch LG TV and a €40 discount on a PC monitor of the same brand, which remains with a final price of €99.90.

In the same way, it is also a good opportunity to acquire a more current mobile at a reduced price, such as the Samsung Galaxy A42 for 289.90 euros, or to get a Sonos smart speaker for just 194.65 euros.

The discount on these products is already applied to the final price and users only have 48 hours to get their hands on that item they want so much. Therefore, on Sunday, February 21, all products will return to their original price.