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On this occasion, we tell you about the great visit we were able to make to the RNE Broadcasting Center, last June 2019, encouraged by our colleague Isidoro EA4DO and thanks to the courtesy of the Radio Club Henares and one of its founders Gerardo EA4DR (who also writes a great related blog that we encourage you to visit).

We particularly emphasize, agreeing completely with Juan Hernandez, the state in which is the technical library of the center that contains, among others, a large number of books and valuable collections of bound magazines on broadcasting techniques since its inception, which deserve to be transferred to a library or archive where they can be restored and preserved in proper conditions and be accessible to scholars of the subject. RTVE should take charge or at least hand it over to the National Library or similar institution as a matter of urgency.

“… as a tribute to Radio Nacional in Arganda, as a symbol of the history of radio in our country … to the people who worked and work so that radio broadcasting is still possible in Arganda….

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One more season, radio stations will provide timely information on the development of each day of the Endesa League 2019-20, thus giving fans one more channel to be informed of the development of the competition. Thus, the different channels, both national and local, will make a complete coverage to transfer all the spectacle and magic of the sport of basketball, either by broadcasting the games in full or through connections. In this article we review the broadcasters through which you can follow the development of the games of this day.

As is logical, local broadcasters will offer in detail everything that happens around their teams, but also national channels will have a space for La Liga Endesa, with timely connections during their sports programming.

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“After studying the reports sent by ships at sea and radio listeners around the world, the management of RNE and REE have agreed to split the frequencies on weekends, since the information from both land and sea indicate that the quality of reception is not stable during the eight hours that the broadcast lasts,” said the platform.

Likewise, with respect to the Monday to Friday broadcasts, it has been agreed to readjust the frequencies, raising them in most cases, to guarantee the stability of the reception throughout the four hours of broadcasting.

This change will take place on March 28, coinciding with the change in the broadcasting scheme of all international radio stations regulated by the High Frequency Coordination Corporation, the body in charge of coordinating the frequencies of international broadcasters.

Together with representatives of the platform, the meeting, held at the Casa de la Radio, this noon, was attended by the director of news of RNE, Alberto Martínez Arias; the director of REE, Antonio Sigris, and the director of media, and the director of technical means of RNE Manuel Giménez.

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Accustomed to using Wi-Fi internet and wireless devices every day, radio may seem like a very simple invention. However, radio was a revolution: it was the first wireless information transmission system in history.

The knowledge and discoveries made by several generations of scientists and inventors made it possible in 1901 to transmit information by waves from one side of the Atlantic Ocean to the other, a milestone that marked the beginning of a new era.

Each wave has certain characteristics of length (distance between two peaks), amplitude (distance between the peak and the midpoint of the wave) and frequency (how many waves reach the receiver per second).