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A friend of mine told me about Kayla and her amazing workouts that can knock anyone down. I replied with resignation: «that sure doesn’t work». And that’s where it stayed until one day I said enough was enough. Enough of having to suck in my stomach, to eat junk and to not have a routine beyond work. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, I know, but there comes a time when your self-esteem is at rock bottom and you have to do something to raise it.

The first day I wanted to die: I ended up shattered, sweating like I had for a long time and denying the major. «How could I have suggested such madness,» one part of me said to myself. The other encouraged me to continue, to achieve the challenge I had set myself. Because in the end this experience has become a difficult challenge to achieve but not impossible.

The change, which is noticeable, has not only been physical but also, above all, mental. On the one hand, overwhelm, on the other, happiness. Overwhelm for different reasons. I was overwhelmed by not being able to do the exercises because of being sick, not having time or spending my free time on other things. I became so overwhelmed that my character changed and I began to deny myself. It is not easy to fight the demons that plunge us into depression and attack us when we are at our weakest.

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She regrets calling her first app and her BBG (Body Biquini Guide) method The Bikini Operation Guide. BBG has also become one of the most popular and efficient hashtags on Instagram.

operation bikini and bikini body was something widely accepted and many girls immediately identified with. However in an interview with Bloomberg magazine she distanced herself from her original idea and even went as far as to say she regretted using that name.

She hooked up with her personal trainer and now he is her partner. Tobias Pearce was the name of her personal trainer who is now her boyfriend. Today the celebrity posted an Instagram story where she flaunted a boyfriend who plays the piano. The guy got to play the piano in the waiting room of an airport in Italy. Here he tells how they met and what she has represented in his life.

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Thanks to this concern, it occurred to me to go to a professional in our country to talk to me in person about the benefits and disadvantages of practicing this type of training. I met Agus, trainer and partner of Argos Box, a crossfit center in Madrid where he helped me to correct some postures.

One of the things I miss in the app is that no one guides me in my training. Yes, there are still images of Kayla doing the exercises. The problem is that from one posture to another you don’t see how the body changes and that, in the long run, can lead to injuries.

During this session I had the opportunity to have someone correct my positions in each exercise, especially the most problematic ones and those in which, I believe, I lack perfection. And, like me, I suppose there are thousands of women who have never practiced sport in their lives and are facing a burpee or a jumping jack for the first time without having any idea what it refers to. Although, I confess, she told me that some exercises I do «very well». In fact he said, «Almost all the exercises are very well done, really».

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«What an amazing transformation Kara!» -writes Itsines about this photo on Instagram. «I love seeing your progress and hearing about your experience with making your health and fitness a priority.» /

#bbgirls (as they call themselves on social media) cry, scream and get excited as if they were at their teen idol’s concert. And Kayla knows it. That’s why she takes great care in dealing with her community.

Kayla acknowledged at the time that she did it not because of what they might say about her but because of how it affected her reputation on social media and the way people who followed her method felt. With the court victory, she has continued to garner social mass (she is now hovering around thirteen million on Instagram alone) and reminding people of one of her official mantras: if you think you can do it, you’re already halfway there.

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