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The soundtrack of the film A WINTER ON THE BEACH is full of songs by the most prominent artists of the current pop and indie rock scene such as The National, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Bon Iver and Elliot Smith among others.

The film A WINTER ON THE BEACH portrays from an acid and poignant perspective the complicated relationships of a modern-day family whose members try to rediscover each other, along the lines of The Descendants and Crazy, Stupid, Love.

We leave here the list of songs from the soundtrack of A WINTER ON THE BEACH of which you can listen to a sample by clicking on the icon on the right, and among which we highlight the songs in bold::

In addition to their careers as members of Bright Eyes, Mogis and Walcott have performed a variety of tasks for a wide range of musical projects, both together and separately. Mogis has been involved as a producer, sound engineer, performer and mixer on albums for bands and singers such as First Aid Kit, Monsters of Folk, The Faint and Pete Yorn. Walcott is a composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist who has worked with groups such as Broken Bells, M. Ward and Rilo Kiley. This is the second soundtrack Mogis and Walcott have composed for a feature film, the first being for Lovely, Still, a film starring Ellen Burstyn, Martin Landau, Adam Scott and Elizabeth Banks.

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In them, names like Douglas Fairbanks, Errol Flynn, John Derek, Kevin Costner, Cary Elwes and Russell Crowe have been behind different incarnations of the leader of the Merry Men and his fight against the evil Sheriff of Nottingham.

So has British actor Taron Egerton (Kingsman, Flying High), who in 2018 took up the bow and arrow to play Hood in this adrenaline-pumping version of the paladin of Sherwood Forest, directed by Otto Bathurts, who made a name for himself as a filmmaker in TV, directing series such as Black Mirror and Peaky Blinders.

In his new film, Zack Snyder (300, Justice League) revisits the horror subgenre he had already ventured into in 2004, when he directed the renewed vision of one of George A. Romero’s classics: Dawn of the Zombies.

But a group of mercenaries, led by Scott Ward (Dave Bautista), will try to reach even one goal: to enter one of the main casinos in the city to rescue the huge amount of money hidden in its warehouse, while hundreds of zombies are circulating outside.

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The ups and downs of their relationships are studied to the last detail -even the most dramatic situation, which you can see that it is going to end up happening sooner or later and Boone is perhaps too obvious in giving us clues about it- to get the same conclusion from his characters: Love may hurt, but in the end there is nothing so worthwhile. Boone chooses to underline this fact through the use of musical themes that serve to reinforce his thesis, his greatest success being a scene in which he does so while at the same time showing us the evolution of the date of one of the protagonists and the decision he ends up making. For the rest, he takes a step back and leaves it to the actors to make his script better than it is.

There are countless films that have centered their discourse on love, but very few that have really managed to transcend the limitations of the cinematic medium to really offer us something that truly singles them out. ‘A Winter on the Beach’ plays with the idea of giving more than it actually offers, but it does so without being pretentious or offensive to the intelligence. In general terms, it manipulates the viewer’s emotions with talent, only going beyond what is permissible in the final stretch, where the typical flood of optimism makes an appearance to leave us with a good body. And the point is that it succeeds, both in the final sequence and in that narrative claptrap that is the phone call received by one of the protagonists.

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