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Economics goes beyond inflation, paying taxes or collecting a salary, knowing how it works, understanding it and managing it is key to daily life. Therefore, not only those who intend to or are studying the subject should know it.

It is important to know that the economy will always be implicit in our lives and is affected by many factors such as: politics, population, social life, climate, among other aspects, so we must be aware of the changes that may occur depending on each area.

Believing that you are still very young and there will be time to invest is a big mistake that most people make, so this book is based on being a practical guide to prepare for the future and achieve success.

With more than one million copies sold, this book is a classic and essential in financial reading. It is written by the renowned investor Peter Lynch who under his vast experience in the area describes his method to achieve success in this branch.

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Eduardo García Gaspar Ideas in Economics, Politics and Culture A collection of economic ideas summarized and explained for the curious reader who wants to understand the why of human decisions and actions.

THEMATIC UNIT Nº 4 THE TAKING OF NOTES In this unit we invite you to: Notice the importance of notes as a resource to initiate the study of a topic. Appropriate some strategies


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Are you interested in economics, but you think it is a matter only for economists? You’re wrong! In today’s article we share some books to learn economics that should not be missing in your library.

What things affect the price of food or housing, what happens when interest rates or exchange rates rise, what does economic growth mean, and what happens if unemployment rises?

Fortunately, it is not necessary to obtain a degree in economics to have access to a basic knowledge of the subject, and more and more titles are being published in language accessible to a general audience.

In a simple and anecdotal way, the author manages to review the economic history of mankind, bringing readers closer to abstract economic concepts such as perfect equilibrium, monetary illusion or monopolistic competition.

He also describes the great crises of the modern economy, the Great Depression and the financial crisis of 2008. It is an accessible reading for anyone interested in approaching economic thought.

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