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tres pasos por encima del cielo

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1:09three meters above the skyodailymotion – 13 feb 2013

We start 2019 and we still have no news of the film adaptation of the third part of Three Meters Above the Sky, something we have been waiting for since Federico Moccia published the novel in 2017.

In Italy, he took it upon himself to bring his work to the cinema. “Maybe in Italy it could be me if it was decided to make the film and I would love it because I would be reunited with my characters who are already older. It’s a book that if it were made into a film would be very special, full of nuances. It would be a tremendous test for the actors,” he said.

The Italian author made a time jump in the story. “The lives of the protagonists have changed,” his editorial assured, “they have managed to be happy, but when they least expect it, their paths cross again”. What happens in this new meeting of the triangle that has raised so many sighs?

It is enough to read it to find answers to questions that were left in the air, such as: Did Step and Gin last in that second chance they were supposed to give each other? Did Babi finally get married and be happy? Has Step become a father?…?

hard andrea

While leaving on his motorcycle, Hache meets Ginebra, better known as “Gin” (Clara Lago), a girl who from the beginning is seen to have a personality similar to his own. Hache and Gin get along very well together and it is perceived that Hache is attracted to Gin’s daring and defiant personality, but he cannot forget about Babi; during a “reunion” with his late friend Pollo (Álvaro Cervantes) he confesses that nothing is for him what it used to be, which he believes is because he has matured. Meanwhile, Babi (María Valverde) has acquired a stable life and her biggest concern remains her sister Daniela (Nerea Camacho), who parties wildly; this culminates in a sexual encounter after taking drugs during one of her nocturnal escapades, becoming pregnant.

After finishing the performance, Gin is raped backstage by two of the show’s producers. After returning from her encounter with Babi, Hache manages to rescue Gin from her assailants. The police arrive as Hache leaves to finish his unfinished business with Snake, followed by Katina. Hache and Snake run off with Pollo’s motorcycle in play, while Gin arrives on the rooftop and, filled with rage, smashes the mural. Just when it seemed that Hache was going to win, he brakes before reaching the finish line; assuming what happened, both exchange their motorcycles. Hache, with Pollo on the back seat, drives at full speed towards the port, both of them falling with the motorcycle into the sea. After leaving, Hache is reunited with Katina, who confesses to Hache that she accepted the idea of him meeting Babi because they both needed to close their cycle.

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