Pelicula el año de las luces completa

The girl of your dreams

From this fabulous start, the film is full of extraordinary moments, combining (again) the most brilliant humor with the purest emotion: immediately after the sequence introducing the tramp, the no less splendid one in which the protagonist is about to plunge into the void of an elevator while gazing expertly at a sculpture in a shop window (a choreographic prodigy, for which Chaplin rehearsed every movement to exhaustion – frame 2); and right after, the first encounter with the young saleswoman, which, after establishing the misunderstanding by which the young woman takes the tramp for a wealthy man (when she hears him getting out of a car that in reality she is simply crossing the street), and once the tramp (who watches her spellbound without her noticing it) has fallen in love with her, culminates with the counterpoint of the gag in which the saleswoman throws water from a flowerpot in the face of her admirer.

The dream of the crazy monkey

The story, therefore, tells us about the importance of family in our lives. A very Latin spirit that is totally in tune with the warm aesthetics of the film, which I will talk about later. But in this aspect there is something formidable in “Encanto” and it is the representation of that family nexus through each of its members. From the grandmother to Mirabel, each character has a very specific role. And very realistic. In fact, it is very easy to recognize our own relatives among them. We all have a hooligan cousin, an aunt or sister who is the real diva, a clumsy or funny father, someone who doesn’t fit in and is the black sheep…. The Madrigal Family is our family, it’s us. And there, in something “so Disney” that touches our heartstrings, lies the key to the film.

But of course, with so many characters and so much power, a question arises: will we be able to keep them all or will we get an indecipherable mental mess? Well, here again the screenwriting team plays a very important role. And, more specifically, the lyricists (Lin-Manuel Miranda, now let’s go with you). “Enchantment” begins with an introductory song in the style of “Beauty and the Beast”, in which Mirabel gives us the keys to the whole family and which is actually the central axis of the film. Obviously it is impossible to keep everything so quickly, but it does manage to generate a certain order within the initial chaos. In addition, the costumes and the attitudes of each one also play in favor of the work to make life easier.

The apple of your eye film

Its second season shows the teenager facing a double love and new challenges in her school, in 10 entertaining chapters where the way in which the complications and joys of the passage to adulthood are addressed is essential, with the same perfect mix of comedy and drama that marked its first cycle.

A total of eight episodes that begin when the H5G9 viral strain, the most deadly since the Black Death, attacks the planet and causes a health crisis witnessed directly by Aditya Singh (Adeel Akhtar), a doctor at one of the main hospitals in Essex County, who sees how the virus attacks most of the city’s and the world’s population.

And although its protagonists are animals, the greatest charm of the series is how it brings to the screen the most human and mundane experiences, exploring the types of people and conflicts that one can encounter every day.

Paquita leads her careers with hits and misses. Her adventures make you laugh, but the series also brings a tear or two to your eye as it presents a fake and sometimes pathetic show, full of lights that go out in the blink of an eye.

The queen of spain

Several horror films have emerged in the same way: the short film “Mama” by Argentine Andy Muschetti, produced by Guillermo del Toro, was later turned into a very successful feature film. “The Game of Fear”, “The Babadook” and “Oculus” are other examples. Sandberg shot 7 short films in the hope of getting funding from the Swedish Film Institute although he eventually exceeded his expectations: he got a deal with New Line, a subsidiary of Warner, and worldwide distribution.

The focus of the film will be the struggle of Martin and Rebecca -along with her boyfriend Bret (Alexander DiPersia)- to rescue their mother from a deep emotional imbalance while avoiding falling under the halo of darkness, where Diana dwells and is powerful. Two monsters for the price of one.

While not a masterpiece in light of the recent release of “The Conjuring 2,” “When the Lights Go Out” is effective and scary using one of the most basic fears, while depicting a dysfunctional family dynamic.