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The Zona Universitaria is located at the east entrance of Barcelona, on both sides of the Avinguda Diagonal and around the Palau Reial. It is an area that you will find if you come to Barcelona by the A2 freeway.

Part of the Zona Universitaria is in the Pedralbes neighborhood (the other in Les Corts). In this neighborhood in the upper part of Barcelona there are very few green or blue zones but, as in the whole city, there are loading and unloading zones where parking is prohibited at certain times. To find parking in this area, one option would be to take John Maynard Keynes street from Avinguda Diagonal, and immediately follow the side of Avinguda Diagonal or continue along John Maynard Keynes street:

Speaking of parking next to the beaches of Barcelona we must first differentiate the beaches of Barceloneta from the rest of the beaches, the ones that start from Marina Street and go towards the north of Barcelona. In the narrow streets of the Barceloneta neighborhood you will only find areas reserved for locals so forget about that area. On the other side you will first find a blue parking zone and then you will be able to find free parking areas. The possibilities will increase the further north you go, towards the Mar Bella beach area.

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But if you are closer to Montjuic, go to the MNAC (National Art Museum of Catalonia), since it has a free parking for cars. But be careful because if there is a fair it is more than likely to be full.

Also, next to it is the metro line 1 and with Renfe you can reach the center of Barcelona in 15 minutes. On the other hand, if you are not lucky there either, try the IKEA parking lot, which is located in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. If you choose this option in a few minutes you can reach the center with the FGC metro.

To enjoy free parking in Barcelona you should know that there are some white zones, i.e. free spaces where you can leave your car without having to pay or be part of any of the parking networks of Barcelona.

In fact, in the Poblenou neighborhood, in the areas of Llacuna or Bogatell, there are usually quite a few free parking areas in Barcelona because they are industrial areas dedicated, basically, to loading and unloading.

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Park & Ride parking lots in Barcelona are starting to become a reality. The saturation of vehicles in big cities represents a major problem for mobility and environmental quality of cities. For this reason, the parking network in Barcelona has proposed to promote this type of parking.

The flexibility of private vehicle use is no longer an advantage of this means of transport due to the massive use of it. Some studies, such as the Green Book on Intermodality prepared by the Madrid College of Civil Engineers, highlight the role of Park & Ride.

The increase in the use of private vehicles in city centers has caused serious inconveniences for drivers and for the inhabitants of large cities. For the former, in addition to having to endure long traffic jams, in many cases there is no place to park when arriving at the destination. For the latter, the increase in traffic means more pollution and noise.

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