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In April I spent fifteen days collecting children’s folklore at the CEIP Divino Maestro de Ahigal (Cáceres). It was a wonderful experience that was part of a larger collection project in which José María Domínguez, Mariaje Paniagua and I became involved with the support of the Álbum Association and the Ministry of Culture and with all the facilities and help of the school, the management team, the teachers and the families.

From November 4 to 12, in Paiporta (Valencia), the sixth edition of Paiporta Món de Contes will be held, a celebration of the spoken word that has prepared a very complete program. Here you can have a look.

On July 27th I was interviewed in Radio Valladares to talk about “Stories on the Camino”, that proposal that I was made in the Festival Atlántica to do the French section of the Camino de Santiago and, in some of the stops, tell stories. A wonderful experience that I talk about for 20 minutes here.

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His poetry stands out for its combination of classical resources, existential discourse, memory and lucidity. His works for adults, both in narrative and theater, are mainly set in historical or mythical contexts, carefully documented and treated with rigor.

Among the literary awards obtained we can highlight the National Poetry Prize José Agustín Goytisolo, Barcelona, 2001, for the book ‘Poemas desatinados’; International Poetry Prize Ciudad de Torrevieja, Alicante, 2002, for the book ‘Como todos ustedes’; International Poetry Prize Ateneo Jovellanos de Gijón, Asturias, 2003, for the book ‘Piedra primaria’; or International Poetry Prize Leonor de Soria, 2003, for the book ‘Breve discurso sobre la infelicidad’.

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To the textbook VULL APRENDE 3: DESCOBRINT “EL QUIXOT”. 5 ANYS. VALENCIA 2019 has the ISBN 978-84-696-1762-5 and has 104 pages. In this case it is in paper format and we do not have VULL APRENDE 3: DESCOBRINT “EL QUIXOT”. 5 ANYS. VALENCIA 2019 in ebook format.

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Hans and Storm, the protagonists of the series, have been called to be part of the group of possible players who will be part of the Dutch youth national team. If they manage to enter the group of the chosen ones, they will travel to Barcelona, where the European championship of this category will be played.

The Catalan capital is also the host city for the Champions League final, which Kick’69, the team of which Hans and Storm are fans and in which their idol and friend Bert Nikkels plays, has reached for the first time in its history.

Initially, everything is focused on the effort and work that Hans and Storm must put in at the selection camp. Their goal should be to work hard and play their best in order to be included in the list of the selected players. But everything will be transformed when both of them get involved in a shady episode involving banned substances that threatens to have serious consequences.

The two boys will have to act with great caution to resolve the matter, and do so without the case distracting them from what is really their main objective: to win a place in the youth national team.