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Autolica Industriales, an entity belonging to the Quadis group and official Mercedes-Benz dealership in Barcelona, has recently inaugurated a new sales and after-sales center for Mercedes-Benz and Fuso trucks, buses and vans in Tarrassa (Barcelona), where a dozen jobs will be created.

The Royal Decree 983/2021 approves aids for the transformation of road transport fleets to renew the current fleet and reduce CO2 emissions, although they will only be accessible for futuristic mechanics, since improved diesel or Natural Gas engines are left out.

The Galician Federation of Freight Transport, Fegatramer, has published an overview of the situation of the sector in which it says that “it is not understood” that the unions do not support the rights of drivers such as the prohibition of loading and unloading.

The Valencian Federation of Transport and Logistics Entrepreneurs (FVET) has organized a conference on “Criteria for the use of the tachograph and evolution to the Electronic Transport Document”.

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Located in Barcelona, specifically in the town of Sabadell, the newly opened space for Mercedes-Benz and FUSO adds to the after-sales service for trucks that Stern Motor already has in operation in Gurb (Barcelona), a town near Vic.These new facilities in Sabadell are strategically located in the street Pla del Fonollar, 21, within the Industrial Park Sant Pau de Riu Sec, near the airport of Sabadell and next to the important communications node that make up the AP7 and the C58.

We are in an area with a high traffic of heavy transport, both national and international, and where the presence of delivery and distribution trucks is also very important. Therefore, in order to attend to this wide range of customers, our service hours from Monday to Friday are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. without interruptions and from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays. Outside these hours, our customers have the coverage of an efficient 24-hour service at their disposal,” says Joaquim Badia.  “We have not forgotten the drivers when designing our after-sales service strategy and, for them, we have a specific room, which even has a toilet and showers, where they can wait comfortably for the duration of the repair or maintenance of their vehicles”. For more than twenty-five years, Stern Motor has been part of the official network of authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers and workshops for passenger cars and vans and, more recently, has added after-sales services for trucks in the Barcelona area with a first center in Gurb and the recently opened center in Sabadell.

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If you ever think you have a bad temper, think twice: the ‘influencer’ was disappointed with the performance of his vehicle, and decided to contact the technical service of the German brand to fix it. Apparently, the brand had not ‘treated him as he deserved’ and he left with a monumental anger.

What’s more, he took advantage of the moment to ‘cook’ some sausages, as fire always comes in handy. The moment was captured on video and posted on YouTube, where it has already accumulated more than 10 million views. After the disaster, the ‘influencer’ left the burned car and the place in an old ZAZ vehicle, from the times of the Soviet Union, and had to be pushed by his friends.