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Leganés, goyesque market in the neighborhood of la fortuna 2021

La Fortuna is a neighborhood belonging to Leganés, which is located in the northernmost part of the municipality. The neighborhood borders with Carabanchel (Madrid), from which it is separated by the M-40 highway, and with the park of Las Presillas in Alcorcón.

Although it belongs to the municipality of Leganés, a political decentralization has been carried out in order to provide the neighborhood with better infrastructures. On June 18, 1993, the La Fortuna District Board was created. Leganés was the first municipality in the Community of Madrid to create a district board, similar to those existing in Madrid capital.

In electoral results, La Fortuna has traditionally voted for center-left parties, a sign present in the presidencies of the District Board. In the 2007 municipal elections, the PSOE was the most voted force with 1,987 votes (40.15%), followed just ten votes behind by the Partido Popular with 1,977 (39.95%), Izquierda Unida with 438 (8.55%), and Unión por Leganés with 252 votes (5.09%).[2]

Three injured in a fire in the neighborhood of la fortuna de leganés

In 1893 the businessman Mr. Venancio Vázquez ventures into the elaboration of cookies and biscuits in some facilities he owned in Caracas street of this Villa y Corte, where he had been making chocolates.

With a splendid banquet in the Viveros de la Villa, the inauguration of the new building constructed in Paseo del Rey, 24, by the Sociedad anónima “La Fortuna” was celebrated on April 23rd, to install in the conditions of amplitude that the rapid growth of this important industry demanded, its large workshops for the manufacture of chocolates, cookies and bonbons, and of the offices and dependencies.

In its nineteenth fiscal year, closed on December 31, 1920, this corporation encountered great difficulties derived from the strike declared by its workers, which lasted seventy-eight days, from the abnormality of the work, from the excess of more than 50 workers of both sexes and from the disorders caused in the cookie industry in different months by the absolute lack of containers for the transportation of the biscuits.

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Madrid-Cuatro Vientos Airport is a third category airport facility located 8 km from the center of Madrid, in the homonymous neighborhood. Madrid-Cuatro Vientos Airport is located 1¼ km north of Fortuna. Photo: ERIC SALARD, CC BY-SA 2.0.

Campamento is the name given in the city of Madrid to the neighborhood No. 105, one of the seven that make up the district of Latina, in turn part of Aluche. Campamento is located 3 km north of La Fortuna. Photo: Malopez 21, CC BY-SA 4.0.

Balcones de la fortuna (leganés) are decorated for the fair.

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