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Gaga began writing songs for her new album during The Born This Way Ball, and revealed to have worked with producers such as Fernando Garibay and DJ White Shadow.[161][162][163] In August 2012, Gaga announced the album’s title, Artpop. [164] Prior to its release, several media outlets considered it one of the most anticipated albums for 2013, including Billboard magazine and the sites Yahoo! and Hit Fix.[165][166][167] Gaga made a brief appearance in Robert Rodriguez’s film Machete Kills (2013), where she played the role of La Chameleon.[168] The song “Applause” was released in 2013.

The song “Applause” was released as the first single from Artpop on August 12, 2013 after being previewed a week in advance due to several leaks on the Internet.[169] The song performed well commercially, after entering the top 5 on the weekly charts in countries such as Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, among others. [170] Gaga performed the song for the first time the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards ceremony, in a performance where she paid tribute to her previous albums.[171][172][173] She later released “Do What U Want”, a collaboration with R. Kelly, as a promotional single. However, given the good reception it received, it was promoted as Artpop’s second official single.[174][175] After that, “Do What U Want” entered the weekly top 20 hits in several countries.[176] Gaga sang the song at the American Music Awards with R. Kelly and then on the finale of The Voice with Christina Aguilera, with whom she would later release a remix. [177][178][179][180] However, due to the accusations of pedophilia and sexual abuse that R. Kelly received, her music video was never released and later the song would be removed from all platforms with the controversy caused by the documentary Surviving R. Kelly.[181] Two promotional singles were later released, “Venus” and “Dope.”[182][183]

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The contingency produced by the coronavirus invites us to look for new ways to take advantage of the spaces and resources available at home to continue learning. We present a selection of free platforms where you can watch series, films and documentaries of national production recognized for their quality, historical, patrimonial or educational value.

The video library of the National Television Council offers films, documentaries, programs and series of cultural, historical and educational value that have been produced with the supervision of the organization. Among the contents, you can find historical series such as Requiem de Chile (seasons 2 and 3), historical fictions such as Los 80 (seasons 2 to 5), Los Archivos del Cardenal (two seasons), and Bala Loca; fictions such as El Reemplazante (two seasons) and science programs such as Hijos de las estrellas, Neurópolis and Cazadores de ciencia.