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What would happen if you joined your potential to that of other professionals who match your interests and experience? Infinite possibilities can arise from this exchange, many of which you may not have thought of! This is the objective of Gravity, the new program we have launched with Nova Talent exclusively for CENTRHO associates.

It’s the perfect match! If you would like to enjoy this initiative and all the others that we organize in CENTRHO, join now and you will be part of the national reference association in Human Resources.

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¿Eres el elegido? El Match Perfecto es una serie mexicana de telerrealidad de MTV Latinoamérica. Es una versión mexicana de la serie original estadounidense. Sigue a 20 personas que conviven en un destino tropical para encontrar a su pareja perfecta. Si los 10 hombres y las 10 mujeres son capaces de elegir correctamente las diez parejas perfectas en diez semanas, ganarán 200 mil dólares para repartir entre ellos. En cada episodio, el elenco se emparejará con quien crea que es su pareja perfecta para competir en un desafío. Los ganadores del reto tendrán una cita, y tendrán la oportunidad de probar su pareja en la cabina de la verdad. Los miembros del reparto elegirán a una de las parejas ganadoras para ir a la cabina de la verdad y determinar si son una pareja perfecta o no. Esta es la única forma de confirmar las coincidencias. Cada episodio termina con una ceremonia de emparejamiento en la que se les dirá a las parejas cuántas coincidencias perfectas tienen, pero no cuáles son las correctas. Se estrenó en septiembre de 2016 en MTV Latinoamérica[1].

En noviembre de 2017 se anunció una segunda temporada de Are You The One: The Perfect Match, que se estrenará en 2018. La segunda temporada se filmó en Trancoso, Bahía y se estrenó en MTV Latinoamérica el 12 de febrero de 2018. Fue conducida por el actor mexicano Vadhir Derbez. Israel Rudovsky compitió anteriormente en Gran Hermano México. Quetzalli Bulnes fue parte de la segunda temporada de México’s Next Top Model, mientras que Talía Loaiza destaca por haber sido parte de Acapulco Shore.

Are you the one the perfect match

Are You the One, abbreviated as AYTO, is an MTV reality show in which singles try to find love. Before the show begins, contestants undergo various psychological tests and the show’s producers place them on a “matching algorithm” to pair them with another contestant. The singles then live together in a tropical house to find their perfect match.

On June 26, 2019, the eighth season began airing on MTV.[3] This series was marked as the first to exclusively feature openly LGBT and sexually fluid contestants, a decision that was met with critical acclaim.[4][5][6]

At the end of each week, contestants join together in the “truth ceremony,” including couples in the honeymoon house, in which they choose who they think is their perfect match. They will be told how many perfect couples they have made, but not which ones.[7] The second season of the show premiered in the second season.

The second season premiered on October 6, 2014.[10] It was set in Puerto Rico.[11] This time, one guy has two perfect matches, which means there will be eleven girls, but only ten guys. Christina is revealed as the first girl in the pair of three. It was a race between Christina and another girl to find her perfect match and be confirmed as such in the truth booth. The first couple of this trio to be confirmed will go to the honeymoon house. The other girl will have to leave empty handed.

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Achieving the perfect match between employees and the values of your company is no easy task. That’s why, with the excuse that it’s Valentine’s Day, we want to tell you how to achieve it.  If your professional crush is Corporate Social Responsibility, we have found the most effective weapon to achieve this match: social and environmental impact.

They say that things made with love taste much better, so we are convinced that people who perform social and environmental actions in their company on a voluntary basis are much happier at work. And this will make them ambassadors of your brand, and will make your community fall in love with your values and the impact you generate.

As in any relationship, you are the first one who has to be in love with your company’s values if you want to get others to fall in love with your company’s values. The starting point of any relationship is to love yourself and, therefore, you will not be successful if you yourself are not identified with those values.