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In some shoulders and hams you can choose between different weights and you can also ask us to deliver your ham whole or packaged. Take a look at the different options. Please note that if you choose “sliced and packaged” it may take 2 to 3 days to be delivered.

Choose an option1. Whole piece (Free)2. Cleaned of rind and bacon (Free)3. Cut in the beginning (Free)4. Boneless and packed (+15€)5. Machine sliced and vacuum packed (+25€)6. Sliced with knife and vacuum packed(+35€)Cleaned

1. Whole piece (Free), 2. Cleaned of rind and bacon (Free), 3. Cut in (Free), 4. Boneless and packed(+15€), 5. Sliced by machine and vacuum packed(+25€), 6.

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Castro y González Iberian hams are in an unbeatable condition. With DO Guijuelo (Salamanca), these acorn-fed Iberian hams come from free-range breeding. Buy the whole piece, sliced or boneless.

These pork hams are a guarantee of quality and flavor. With a delicate texture on the palate, unequaled purity, these hams have followed a process of elaboration with a long curing stage. Specifically, they have been cured for up to 48 months in the cellar. In addition, the pigs have been reared following a procedure typical of the Dehesa, fed on acorns, as the main food, and wild fruits of the forest.

As professional ham cutters for weddings and events, we know that the taste for cutting a piece of Guijuelo ham is acquired almost instantly, as long as we have certain knowledge to carry out this practice with complete success.

This option also has its advantages: it takes up less space than the shoulder or whole ham and each boneless piece comes perfectly vacuum-packed. You will be able to preserve it easily and consume it more frequently. In addition, as the ham is not attached to the bone, you will be able to cut it easily. This is why this format is perfect for those who do not find it easy to cut hams with bone.

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Our “Castro y González” Iberian acorn-fed hams are personally selected, one by one, to guarantee their quality and purity. They have a genetic 75% of Iberian breed, and are raised in an extensive regime, with a long curing process, up to 48 months in the cellar. This results in a sweet-flavored ham with a soft and delicate texture on the palate. These pigs are raised in the Dehesa and fed mainly on acorns and wild berries.

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Gonzalo “Gonzo” Castro Randón (* 11 June 1987 in Wuppertal) is a German-Spanish footballer. He was last under contract with VfB Stuttgart and is mainly used in central midfield, but can also play as a full-back.

Intermittently also used as a left-back,[2] Castro played more offensively in midfield since the 2012/13 season. He had become one of Leverkusen’s most important players due to his consistency, which was also reflected in his playing time: In 31 league games, Castro almost always played through and scored six goals.