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In addition to all this, Ibercaja has perfected the contracting and application of its Vamos Account to the point that you will only need to download the IberCaja mobile app, take a selfie and sign online. Available for Android and IOS. This means that in a matter of minutes we can have our new account without having to go through an arduous process of forms and documentation, another reason not to pass up this offer.

Each person is different and has a different financial situation, so it is possible that even the interesting benefits of the Vamos Account may not suit you. If so, or if you have other needs, Ibercaja has other accounts designed for each situation.

If what you want is a simple online account, you have at your disposal the IberCaja current account, designed to perform any type of online management through its website or app without having to worry about commissions or permanence commitments.

The IberCaja Basic Payment Account is similar to the one existing in other banks, it is designed for personal use and basic transactions with no strings attached. In addition, it is free for all those people in vulnerable situations who can prove this situation.


If you have forgotten or blocked your signature key you can generate a new signature key, for this you must have your cell phone registered. If you do not have it registered, go to your branch where they will generate a new one, if you have it you can get a new one through these channels:

The key card is a security tool used in the banking sector when performing certain operations through digital banking. Know all the operations for which it is necessary to have the key card.

You can change the cell phone through the telephone service 976 74 88 00, identifying yourself with the service passwords. For security reasons, we will ask you for your financial card details and the number of your key card.

In case of loss or theft of your cell phone we recommend you to change your digital banking passwords, you can do it through electronic banking. Or you can call the telephone banking service 976 74 88 88 00 so that we can block the service for you.

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The best way to choose a mortgage is to know what you want or need and analyze different options. Your bank is a good option, because you know them and they know you better and, in most cases, they can offer you the best deals. Although it is usual, as it is a very important financial operation, to also consult the conditions in other entities.

November starts on a positive note in equities. The market continues to rise following the good presentation of third quarter results. Debt yields rebound strongly. In Europe, the market continues to press with a rebound in the IRR, indicating that it expects a rate hike sooner than expected.

The payment of the amount corresponding to the chosen promotion will be credited to the account associated with the plan on February 3, 2022. The amount paid is considered income subject to personal income tax in accordance with the tax legislation in force at the time of payment and the net amount will be credited to the account after the appropriate tax withholding.

Ibercaja direct business

Ibercaja is among the top ten banks with the largest number of customers and branches in the country. Below, we offer you all the information about its products: savings, investment, cards, financing and insurance, as well as the benefits of Ibercaja Directo.

Headquartered in Zaragoza, Ibercaja Banco emerged in 2011 as a banking entity, when the Assembly approved its creation and transferred the assets and liabilities of Caja de Ahorros y Monte de Piedad de Zaragoza, Aragón y Rioja.

The wide range of products offered by Ibercaja allows you to efficiently control and manage your finances. In addition to the online banking service, Ibercaja offers bank accounts, deposits, loans, pension plans, investment funds and cards, among others. All of them are aimed at safeguarding your domestic economy.

Ibercaja’s bank cards also provide you with absolute freedom to pay immediately, make online purchases, have cash and benefit from various discounts. Depending on the purpose you pursue and your profile as a buyer, you can get: