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adicae has carried out a study comparing properties from both bank real estate agencies and private sellers, with similar characteristics and located in the same area. the consumer association’s analysis reveals that bank apartments can be up to 56% more expensive than those offered by private sellers.

the same applies to the price per square meter. the average price per square meter at which banks are selling their apartments is 1,244.40 euros, while the average price per square meter for private individuals is 971.94 euros, 21.89% cheaper.

of the 48 comparisons carried out by adicae, in 45 cases the private apartment was cheaper than the bank’s, and in only 3 cases was the opposite. the apartments were chosen with the requirement that their price should not exceed 150,000 euros, which includes apartments that can be bought by an average family. the apartments of the real estate companies analyzed correspond to those of bbva, bankia, la caixa, banco sabadell, banco santander and banco popular.

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Since the completion of their technological integration on July 15, Banco Santander and Banco Popular are, to all intents and purposes, the same bank. In fact, it is enough to go to any former Banco Popular branch to see that there is not even a trace of its old signs or any other distinguishing mark of the bank.

Former Banco Popular customers who are now Banco Santander users have at their disposal a wide range of Santander offers for individuals, including bank accounts, cards (debit and credit), mortgages and loans, among many others.

In the offer of Banco Santander cards you can find both debit cards (such as Debit Gold 123 or Debit Zero 123), as credit cards and wallet cards. Of course, in order to get any of them you must be a customer of the bank and have contracted one of its accounts.

Banco Santander’s personal loan catalog is made up of loans for any purpose (such as the 123 Loan, at 6.95%) and others with a more specific purpose, such as the Car Loan, which allows you to defer the purchase of a vehicle in exchange for an interest rate of 5.50%.

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Banco Popular was acquired by Banco Santander in 2017. If you want to know the products currently marketed by Banco Santander, click here. If you prefer to see the offer of the rest of the banks, visit our comparators.

Regarding its product catalog, Banco Popular was mainly dedicated to retail banking (individuals, SMEs and the self-employed), an activity that accounted for 90% of its commercial activity. It also offered private banking services. In its catalog of products for individuals, Banco Popular had a range of products similar to that of other major Spanish financial institutions, with a wide range of bank accounts, cards, personal loans, mortgages, pension plans, insurance and a wide variety of investment products.

Banco Popular had more than 2,000 branches in Spain and more than 200 branches abroad. However, after its purchase by Banco Santander, if you want to carry out any procedure or query that cannot be done telematically, you will have to go to one of the branches of the entity presided by Ana Patricia Botín.

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In this particular case, the magistrate has ruled in favor of the plaintiff, who considered that in the sale of Popular shares, made on May 7, 2017, there had been an error of consent due to “the information offered by the entity regarding its financial situation, which would turn out to be untruthful”.

Throughout the process, Santander showed its opposition alleging that there were no vices in the consent, as well as that there was “lack of passive standing”, since the purchase of shares took place in the secondary market and in another bank.

In her ruling, the judge considers proven the “existence of civil fraud in the information issued by the entity and by relevant and excusable essential error in the consent given by the now plaintiffs”.  Santander may file an appeal against this ruling, for which it has a period of twenty days from Friday.