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Soib appointment

Therefore, if you are planning to move permanently or for a long period of time, which implies a change in your place of residence, your job seeker and unemployment benefit recipient file will also be transferred to the employment office of your destination”.

Keeping your contact address up to date is essential. If you fail to do so, the Employment Service may send you notifications and, even if they are returned, they will be considered to have been made correctly if the address update was not communicated.

Here the worker must inform both the Regional Employment Service and the SEPE, since in this case, it will be necessary to request both the transfer of the file and the transfer of the benefit.

Normally, the Autonomous Employment Service and the SEPE usually share the same building (the employment office), but with different spaces. In any case, both must be informed and this must be done at the office that corresponds to the new address.

Renew employment application

If you are a company, our attention has specialized with the creation of the employer’s office and offers you the necessary support to find the candidates that best fit your needs and the additional information and advice you require for their recruitment.

ATTENTION! On October 1, 2021, the automatic renewal of the labor demand ends. After that date, you will have to renew your claim on the corresponding day. In the Virtual Employment Office you can check your renewal date, obtain a duplicate and renew your employment application.

The professional orientation service begins with an interview with the user to identify their skills, competencies, training, experience, interests, and as many variables as are deemed relevant to develop their individualized diagnosis and professional profile.

To access with a worker profile, you must register in the system before you can use the different on-line intermediation services.  Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to activate your registration.

Appointment inem barcelona

The first thing you will have to do is to know which is your nearest employment office, because it will be there and not in any other where you will have to make any management. Fortunately, this information will be provided at the moment of giving our data and requesting the appointment, and you will only have to decide if you prefer to request your appointment through the Internet, at the electronic office, or by telephone.

Of course, you should cancel your appointment at the SEPE if you cannot come on the day and time indicated. This will help the SEPE service to be more efficient and another person can access the slot you have left free by canceling your appointment.

Social security appointment

Remember that if you are affected by an ERTE, your employment demand will be in a suspended situation (either the ERTE of contract suspension or reduction of working hours), so your demand is not subject to renewal.

The Basic Social Income of the Government of Cantabria is the responsibility of the ICASS (Institute of Social Services of Cantabria). It is a periodic economic benefit intended to make effective the right to social protection of people who lack economic resources. You can find the information in the following link:

The Minimum Vital Income is a benefit aimed at preventing the risk of poverty and social exclusion of people who live alone or are integrated in a cohabitation unit and lack economic resources. The competence and management corresponds to the Social Security.