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no masks outdoors since 26 june

On the eve of the Council of Ministers granting partial pardons to the pro-independence leaders, foreseeably at its meeting on Tuesday, Sánchez has taken advantage of his presence in Catalonia to send a new message in favor of concord, also as a positive value for the economy. In this forum in which he has received the closed support of the employers to the measure of grace and in which Pablo Casado insisted in his hard rejection, the president has assured “the partisan and territorial discord is a burden for the economy” and has asked for the involvement of the whole society in the dialogue to solve the conflict. He took the opportunity to thank, precisely, the message launched from the Cercle d’Economía in that direction.

sanchez announces the elimination of the compulsory travel ban on thursday.

The pandemic gave them a break, but mass tourism can once again suffocate European cities such as Venice, Amsterdam or Barcelona. New concepts could help them develop more sustainable tourism.

To gain autonomy, Brussels proposed to double its semiconductor production, so that by 2030 it will account for 20% of global manufacturing, for which it will present a new European chip law in 2022.

The Polish authorities reported on Thursday 501 frustrated attempts of irregular crossings from Belarusian territory and the expulsion of 31 people, as well as an attempted assault on the border fence.

pedro sánchez says the end of face masks is near

Thus, it will be possible to dispense with face masks in the street and open spaces. Sánchez has explained that he will call an extraordinary Council of Ministers on Thursday 24 to approve the measure which, he said, is possible thanks to the intense progress of vaccination and that “all the milestones against the pandemic” are being met “scrupulously”.

Argimon said that it is logical that, if you go alone, with whom you live with or if they are people already immunized go without a mask and put it on if you are with a non-cohabiting group or there is a crowd outdoors or when entering indoor spaces. But these are the aspects that should be agreed and announced on the 26th.

Less than 10% of infections are in outdoor spaces, said TrillaThe epidemiologist Antoni Trilla already showed last weekend in favor of the mask is not mandatory outdoors. He commented that it did not make much sense to open nightlife before eliminating this mandatory use in open spaces. He argued that the risk of transmission of the coronavirus in outdoor spaces is not significant, representing less than 10% of infections, while indoors, transmission is between four and 20 times higher, depending on the concentration of virus in the air and the time of exposure to the virus.

pedro sánchez visits hersill, the móstoles-based company that

Sanchez announces that masks will cease to be compulsory outdoors on 26ALBERT GEAThe President of the Government assures that the key to making this decision is the good pace of vaccination.

“It is the right time “For her part, the Regional Minister of Health of the Government of Aragón, Sira Repollés, has expressed her “total agreement” with the elimination of the mask because it is “the right time” and “a first step” that the Community is in a position to take. The counselor pointed out that this relaxation is “minimal” because a series of circumstances will have to be fulfilled as safety measures and in multitudinous outdoor events they will have to be used, although she valued that it is “a first step” that Aragón is “willing to take” and that she agrees that it is “the right moment”.in tune with this decision, she reminded that the Aragonese Executive already announced yesterday that it was not compulsory to wear masks in swimming pools as long as safety measures were fulfilled.