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A “lucky bastard. That’s how Grammy host Jon Stewart described him when in 2002 Alejandro Sanz shared the stage with Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child to perform a memorable version of this song.Album: El alma al aire (2000)Best line: “Quisiera ser el verbo al que no invitas, a la fiesta de tu voz”.Listen Quisera ser by Alejandro Sanz

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alejandro sanz songs

A song that is part of Viviendo Deprisa, his second album but his first studio album. A song that talks about how love has no age and how such a strong feeling can convince you that everything is possible.

If you thought that defining love is something impossible, Alejandro Sanz did it in the most successful way possible in this composition within his album 3 where you can also find other great creations of the singer-songwriter such as ¿Lo Ves? Mi Soledad Y Yo or Ese Que Me Dio La Vida: “Y es la fuerza que te lleva / Que te empuja y que te llena / Que te arrastra y que te acerca a Dios / Es un sentimiento casi una obsesión / Si la fuerza es del corazón / Es algo que te lía la descarga de energía / Que te va quitando la razón / Te hace tropezar, te crea confusión / Seguro que es la fuerza del corazón”.

The song that gives title to the album with which he welcomed the new millennium, one of the most melodic of his career. The videoclip features Santiago Segura, Miguel Bosé, Gabino Diego and José Coronado.

alejandro sanz songs

Because there are songs that are here to stay. It is difficult to find someone today who does not identify them as Alejandro Sanz songs, even in generations that did not live his releases and moments of emergence.

“I have stolen the soul from the air to give it to you in this sigh”. With phrases like that, the song that gave its name to Alejandro Sanz’s sixth album did not take long to catch us completely. We had just entered the 2000s and ballads were the order of the day, a genre in which the artist had crowned himself.

In Cuando nadie me ve the artist opened the doors of his intimacy, taking us into his thoughts, which are at the same time those of many. Once again he managed to put words to what many people are not able to express or simply do not dare. “Sometimes I’m yours and sometimes I’m the wind’s”, says the song.

It is one of the longest running tracks of the ones selected in this article, and it has its own appeal. It is part of 3, the title given by Alejandro Sanz to his third album. This one is made up of great hits of the artist’s career, such as La fuerza del corazón or ¿Lo ves? However, we believe that Mi soledad y yo is a theme that marked the same for the visual that the artist made the story he sings. A young man who misses in a rainy Madrid someone who, in another place, has already found someone else.

alejandro sanz old songs

Si hay Dios” is simply beautiful but as it happens to “La margarita dijo no” the chorus gets a little tired and sounds a little repetitive but that is not at all an impediment for it to be one of the songs that most marked our adolescence.

Every song here could have been in first place but we accepted the challenge of choosing an order and that is why “Siempre es de noche” had to appear in seventh place, certainly this is probably the least famous or one of the least which does not detract one iota of quality, but it is one of the factors that helped us decide to send it to this site.

The first single of this album (and maybe the best) however it doesn’t have as much impact in our life as the rest of the songs of this album, it is probably the song that least marked us but it is probably the best one, that’s why it is in the middle of the list.

What for us is the most artistic work of the album sneaks into third place and it is thanks to that moment in which he exclaims: “The night is big and eternal, There are no more puddles only stars” and this is one of the climaxes that we have enjoyed the most throughout our lives.